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Holidays at Lake Garda

Villa Telli, an excellent base to discover Lake Garda and its many activities and leisure pursuits, sports, relaxation and fine cuisine.

“...just a few steps away I experienced the majestic beauty of nature, this delightful painting that is Lake Garda.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Garda is a renowned holiday destination with narrow lanes in the historic centre, once populated by fishermen, and now filled with little shops and restaurants. The fishing tradition is still alive: sitting at small tables in the bars and walking along the shores of the lake, it is possible to follow the comings and goings of the boats which bring the fish ashore, the basic ingredients of the typical local cuisine.
Among the most prestigious and exquisite fish in our local area is the carp, and although quite difficult to find, the local bass and pike, while delicious in sauce is the local trout and ‘tinca’. The most widely available fish include whitefish and sardines, cooked in a variety of tasty traditional recipes. The extra virgin olive oil produced in Garda remains the main ingredient, together with the excellent wines of our region.

The gulf of Garda is a uniquely beautiful spot dominated by the blue waters of the lake and the Mediterranean vegetation.
To the North, Monte Luppia plunges into the lake to form the charming Punta San Vigilio, a popular destination with celebrities on holiday in the riviera. The Monte is a place to go for walks in the countryside, and attracts those who are interested in rock engravings - it is possible to find different petroglyphs along the route.
To the South, you will find the Colle della Rocca: a path rises out of the green vistas to the summit which offers a breathtaking panorama of Lake Garda. In medieval times, located on this ‘Rocca’ – known as the Rocca Vecchia – there was the castle of Garda which gave its name to the lake; today it is still possible to see a few of the ruins. Here you will also find the stunning Eremo dei Camaldolesi (Hermitage of Saint George), today a place of sacredness and spirituality.

Striking in its beauty and an easy walk is the long path which runs along the edge of the lake, taking in the Gulf of Garda, from San Vigilio alla Rocca, to the neighbouring village of Bardolino and beyond.

Other beautiful itineraries, on foot or by bicycle, lead into the Val dei Mulini (between Garda and Costermano), with special exercise trails, or towards the morainic hills which surround the Gulf.

A special and unforgettable experience is the sunset viewed from San Vigilio or La Rocca.

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Summer events


Local festivals and historic events

The Palio delle Contrade (a rowing competition which takes place for ferragosto (15th August) in traditional rowing boats), la Sardellata in July and the Festa Patronale on the 15th August, are the most important events in Garda with strong links to the traditions of the fishing community. Around the lake’s shores, on summer evenings, you will find food stalls, music and entertainments based on local folklore.

Winter events


Traditions and Christmas markets

In the Christmas period there are festive events including the “Christmas in the olive trees” celebrations. From the end of November until the first days of the New Year, the sparkling Christmas lights appear: on this occasion Garda dresses up; we transport our guests into a magical festive atmosphere in the splendid and tranquil scenery of the lake in winter. Our guests will not find snowy fir trees: instead, in Garda we celebrate with abundant, strong olive trees, an ancient symbol, which sparkle with lights during the festive days, celebrating the charm of Christmas.

Sports activities


Exercise and entertainments

The sports available at the lake include swimming, sailing, windsurfing or kite-surfing and other leisure pursuits which provide contact with nature, including golf (with very fine golf courses which overlook the Gulf of Garda), horse riding, paragliding, free climbing, as well as tennis and football.
Cycling is a popular sport at Garda, and is an ideal way to get around – there are several cycle trails at the side of the lake as well as inland.

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